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Mushroom&Chickpea Sandwich

If you love mushrooms this will be

the best for you to do as a quick breakfast.

Total Time : 15 Minutes.

Ingredients :

● 1/3 Cup of chickpeas.

● 1 Cup of Mushrooms.

● 2 Pieces of toast.

● 1/3 Of an Onion.

● 2 cloves Of garlic.

● Ketchup.

● 1 Teaspoon of mixed seasonings.

● Oregano.

Method :

● In a pan saute the mushrooms,onion and the garlic after you dice them till they cooked.

● Add the chickpeas to the pan too.

● Add a packet of stevia or 1 Tablespoon of sugar along with the mixed seasoning.

● Spread the ketchup on the toast .

● Lay the vegetables to your toast and top it oregano and some chia seeds if you want.

Enjoy !


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