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Arabic Foul (Fava Bean)

This is one of my favourite Arabic dish that

i tried to make it as Delicious but still easy to cook.

Total Time : 25 Minutes.

Ingredients :

● 1 Can of fava beans. ( i used this one in the picture below)

● 1/2 Of a Green Bell Pepper.

● 1/2 Of an Onion.

● 1/2 Of a tomato.

● 1 Teaspoon of garlic powder.

● 1 Teaspoon of cumin powder.

● 1 Teaspoon of black pepper.

● 1 Teaspoon of mixed seasonings.

● 1/2 lemon.

Method :

● Cut all of the veggies and put them in a pan to cook for 10 min or till they soften except for the tomato you add it in the end for only 5-4 minutes.

● In a food processor or a blender you put all of the veggies and blend.

● Add the fava beans to the food processor or a blender with the veggies

And add the seasonings mentioned above and blend.

● Pour the mixture to a pan and let it heat for a bit.

● Squeeze the lemon on it.

Enjoy !


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